Transparent Face Shield
Transparent Face Shield
Transparent Face Shield
Transparent Face Shield
Transparent Face Shield
Transparent Face Shield

Transparent Face Shield

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Level up your protection during this pandemic using this anti-fog protective shield! 

This 180° face shield provides you maximum protection from any potential infectious substances. It leaves enough room between your face and the cover, but gives no room for fogging. Perfect even when used for an extended time under any temperature. Ideal for front liners, food services, police officers, workers and so on. 

It is designed with a flexible strap that stays securely in place, yet prevents any pressure from the head. A breathable and lightweight face shield that allows the wearer to move freely and comfortably. It has an ultra-clear cover that can be easily sanitized and reused time and time again!  

Keep the virus at bay with this protective shield!


  • Anti-Fog Full Face Protection
    This full-length face shield effectively protects the wearer's face from any potential infectious substances. Providing you a full coverage of the eyes, nose, mouth and keeps you from easily touching your own face. It also has an anti-fog coating to keep the shield from getting steamed up even under any temperature or extended use. 

  • Ultra-Clear Design
    It provides a transparent cover with crystal clear visibility that lets in maximum amount of light without hurting your eyes. It has enough space between the face and the cover, making it easier to see, breath and talk for a clear communication.

  • Wide Application
    Featuring a 180° high-density film protection that prevents droplets of saliva, coughs, sneezes, and other foreign substances from entering. Suitable for most common workplace environments, including restaurants, hair salons, medics, schools, offices and more. 
  • Comfortable to Wear
    A breathable and lightweight face shield that prevents any pressure from the head, allowing you to move freely. It is completely safe and grants you to comfortably wear your shield all day long without any types of pain or discomfort. Perfect for everyone, especially those who are prone to headaches or have difficulty in breathing.   

  • Premium Material
    Made of ultra-clear, anti-fog hardcoat, with removable respirator guard and hepa-11 filter. It hugs the face without gaps for maximum coverage and helps to filter air in and out. It also has a flexible, over-the-forehead strap that allows the face shield to stay securely in place even on the windiest of days. Giving you all the necessary protection while making it comfortable. It can be reused after sanitation, perfect for daily use.   

  • Material: PC
  • Size: 20 x 10 x 10 cm
  • 1 x Transparent Face Shield

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