Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue
Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue
Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue
Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue
Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue
Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue

Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue

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Great bondings remain unbroken with Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue!

Looking for a strong adhesive to connect or mend any metal? This metal glue is the best one for you! Made with high-quality, epoxy substance perfect for a strong, permanent bonding repair for all kinds of metal. A great help for fixing pipes, automobiles, taps and more!

Simply apply the glue to your metal pieces and you’ll instantly get amazed by its excellent bonding form and quick-drying feature! An effortless, time-saving alternative to welding or soldering that can surely outperform other metal glue products. It also has a high temperature resistance that can help you through the seasons without worrying about the glue sagging or flowing

Powerful connection needs stronger bonds. Buy Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue Now!


  • Easy To Use
    Apply it in seconds! This metal glue can be easily applied even without the knowledge of industrial work. Just simply mix A glue and B glue with a 1:1 ratio and you can already put it on the damage area and connect it.

  • Maximum Bonding
    A convenient alternative to welding. Made with strong adhesive materials that can bond permanently through a long period of time without the unsightly result of welding seams.
  • Quick Solution
    The strongest and fastest solution for repairing all kinds of metals. It has a powerful and quick-dry feature which can save a significant amount of time fixing compared to welding, soldering or screwing. Just wait for it in a minute or let it dry overnight for a maximum bond!

  • High Temperature Resistance
    It has a great temperature resistance from -60°C to 150°C. Suitable to use from all seasons without worrying about the epoxy to flow or sag.

  • Wide Application
    Made with the highest metal bonding epoxy perfect for fixing metals, pipes, engine, iron, heater, steel and more possibilities!


  1. Make sure that the surface of the metal is clean and dry.
  2. Mix the A/B glue with 1:1 ratio. Once done, apply the mixed glue on metal surface. 
  3. Position the pieces and bond them firmly to seal the gaps. 
  4. Wait for few minutes or let it dry overnight for better results!


  • Material: A (Grey) Epoxy Resin
    / B (White) Polyfunctional Hardener
  • Weight: 100g /


  • 1 x Quick-Fix™ Universal AB Glue

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