One-Touch Faucet Aerator
One-Touch Faucet Aerator
One-Touch Faucet Aerator
One-Touch Faucet Aerator
One-Touch Faucet Aerator

One-Touch Faucet Aerator

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Be a smart user and stop wasting water with this One-Touch Faucet Aerator! 🚰

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to save water usage at your home! This aerator gives you a powerful pressure flow for cleaning while effectively saving water up to 54%! It has a bubble stream mode that allows it to run longer and prevents splashing. Designed with a simple touch button that conveniently switches the water on and off right at the faucet outlet in a blink! Avoiding the disadvantages from conventional faucets.

It is not only conducive to water saving, but it also prevents bacteria! Its unique design helps to automatically clean the contact area to prevent contagion. Allowing you to wash without an exposure to virus and the need of adjusting a handle each time! Perfect for any kitchen or bathroom faucets, including home, hotels, apartments, public facilities and more! 

Keep a stable, constant flow while saving a lot of water with this exceptional faucet aerator! 💦


  • One Touch Switch 🚰
    A simple 1-touch control switch to activate the water running from your faucet. Easily touch the switch and the water will instantly flow, touch it again and it's off! Saving you the hassle from the traditional handle and preventing you from the bacteria it carries from being touched. 

  • Save Water 💦
    This aerator significantly reduces the volume of the water and creates lots of bubbles while still maintaining a high water pressure flow. Allowing it to run longer yet uses less water and prevents splashing. You can now effectively save water up to 54%!

  • Anti-Virus 🦠
    This touch control aerator has a good filtering effect that prevents exposure to viruses. Wash your hand using this aerator to effectively flushes out the bacteria from the greases left to your hands!

  • Wide Applications
    Our product is suitable for most sinks and types of faucets. Perfect for replacement and installation of faucet aerators at homes, hotels, apartments, public facilities and more possibilities!

  • Premium Quality
    A faucet aerator that gives smooth, round and steady water flow without splashing and side spray. Made of high-quality, durable copper materials that can last for years to come. With a simplified design for an easy installation that can work on any kitchen or bathroom faucet. 
  • Material: Copper + plastic
  • Size: 23 x 21 mm
  • 1 x One-Touch Faucet Aerator

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