Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣
Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣
Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣
Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣
Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣
Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣

Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold 🍣

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Make everyday a sushi day with this Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold! 🍱

The easiest and most convenient kitchen tool to make exquisite sushi is here! This press mold, forms your rice into a neat square shape so you can make a perfect nigiri all the time. Made of high-quality food grade material, featuring an inner wall scrub design so the rice can fall easily without damaging its shape. All you have to do is to put the seasoned rice in the mold, press it, let it fall swiftly and done!

This sushi mold has an extended handle design with an anti-slip, silica gel for your convenience. That means you can make a whole platter of sushi with comfort minus the slipping! The perfect kitchen arsenal, giving you a nicely shaped, mouth-watering sushi while saving your time and energy. Whether you’re a professional, beginner or just want to speed up your sushi making, this hand-hold sushi mold got you!  🍱


  • DIY Sushi Tool 🍣 
    Make sushi at home in seconds with this square shaped rice mold! Simply put a proper amount of rice into the mold, press the handle firmly, invert it and let the glutinous rice fall off effortlessly! You can now put your desired toppings or wrap it up with nori for the final touch.

  • Non-Stick Design 🍣 
    Designed with an inner wall scrub, allowing the sushi rice to fall off easily while maintaining its shape and keeps it neat. Perfect for making delicious sushi with great precision and allowing you for an easy cleanup! Wash it thoroughly with water and you're good to go! 

  • Comfortable Grip 🍣 
    This sushi press has an extended handle design with an additional anti-slip, silica gel material. Providing you a comfortable, power grip for long hours of use and completely cutting off slippage.
  • Wide Application 🍣 
    Suitable for most types of nigiri sushi, including maguro, ebi, shake, tamago, uni and more possibilities. Perfect for satisfying your sushi cravings!

  • Premium Material 🍣 
    Made of high-quality, food grade plastic with great durability and chemical-free product. 100% safe tool to come into contact with your food and your loved ones health!

  • Material: Food grade plastic
  • Size: 16cm(L) X 2.8cm(W) X 1.7cm (H)
  • 1 x Nigiri DIY Sushi Mold

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