L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter
L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter
L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter
L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter
L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter
L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter

L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter

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Turn any Type-C cable into obstacle-free, right-angled one with this adapter!

This adapter is designed with a L-shaped charging head for great versatility and ease of use. Ensuring you the best charging performance while comfortably using your device. Perfect when you're playing games, chatting, video watching, texting and more possibilities! 

It has built-in powerful magnets that automatically connect the adapter from the magnetic tip. The tight connection prevents loose charging and accidental cable pulling. 

This adapter also ensures safety performance: It continuously adjusts your mobiles or laptops power output accordingly. Preventing short circuits and overcharging. What’s more? It can also meet your needs when it comes to steady data transmission! Perfect for all Type-C devices including laptops, cellphones, tablets and such.

Give your device a power boost even when you're using it!


  • Right Angle Design
    Designed with an ergonomic L-shaped charging head that does not block or prevent your hands from moving. Allowing you to comfortably use your device while it's being charged. Great when you're playing games, chatting, video watching, virtual meetings and such! Additionally, this magnetic adapter can be reversed to give you more usage scenarios. 

  • Ultra-Strong Magnetic Force
    Built with a superior magnetic force that offers an automatic connection to the charging port. It ensures a tight grip between the magnetic tip and the adapter. Preventing loose connection and abrasion from constant plugging and unplugging. Also provides an instant disconnection once it encounters an excessive force. Avoiding accidental cable pulling and keeping your laptops, phones or other devices from falling.

  • Fast Charging & Data Transfer
    It has a fast-charging support that can go up to an incredible 5A speed! Not only does it fast charge, but it also facilitates a steady data transmission up to 480 Mbps! 

  • Power Socket Protection
    Automatically adjusts the power output according to the configuration needs. Allowing you to charge safely at maximum rate and prevents short circuits or overcurrent charging. Also features a circuit board that is capable of adding a layer of protection for both your device and cord.
  • Extra Plug Protector
    The magnetic tip can be used as a dust plug. It can be left plugged in to your device and prevent dirt from entering the charging port.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-grade Type-C plug, zinc alloy with built-in powerful magnets and 24K gold-plated pins. 


  • Color: White / Black
  • Size as below:


  • 1 x L-shaped Magnetic Type-C Adapter (With magnetic connector)

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