Finger Pulse Oximeter
Finger Pulse Oximeter
Finger Pulse Oximeter
Finger Pulse Oximeter
Finger Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter

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Prevent heart attacks and strokes!

You can now measure SpO2 and Pulse Rate in the privacy of your own home by putting your finger in Finger Pulse Oximeter.

With 6 display modes, the red light of the device can read your SpO2 and Purse Rate.It is perfect for people with asthma and heart disease.


    Quickly determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), Fast SpO2 readings, pulse measurements and display it conveniently on a large digital LED display.
    Suitable for sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate.
    Small and lightweight to carry. High density ABS construction with protective pouch and lanyard for wrist or neck. Auto power off preserves battery life.
    Simple operating instructions. One-Button touch for setting. Auditory alarm for high and low readings. Self-adjusting spring system fits your finger perfectly in the chamber without impeding blood flow.
    Accommodates wide range of finger sizes - children to adult.

    How to measure:

    • Normal blood oxygen levels are considered 95-100 percent.
    • Between 90 and 95 percent, your blood oxygen level is considered low but it is not necessarily indicative of a health issue.
    • If the level is below 90 percent, it is considered low resulting in hypoxemia.
      The causes of hypoxemia can be sleep apnea, asthma crisis, pulmonary infection, etc.

      How does it work?

      Plethysmograph - The SpO2 Waveform

      Each wave corresponds to a heartbeat and the amplitude to the amount of blood detected in your blood vessels. When the wave amplitude is consistent (as shown in the figure), the pulse oximeter is optimized and readings can be taken.

      Perfusion Index

      The Perfusion Index (PI) informs you of the strength of your pulse. If the PI value is less than 0.2%, this means that your hands are either too cold or improperly positioned in the pulse oximeter. Simply warm your finger and reposition it so that it is right between the LED light and sensor. No more second guessing if the readings are reliable or why the pulse oximeter is not giving a reading.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Q: Can the user set the parameters for the alarms? Can the alarms be set even if the 'beep' of each beat is turned off?
        A: Yes to both questions. Users are able to set parameters and/or change settings for the alarms and control the beeps of the alarm according to your preferences.
      • Q: Can I wear this device while I run?
        A: No. You should only use the pulse oximeter before or after your exercise routine. Also, you should remain stationary while the pulse oximeter measures your pulse and SpO2.
      • Q: Can this pulse oximeter be used on children?
        A: Yes, as long as the finger is big enough to fit into the pulse oximeter. Generally, it should fit children 12 and above.


        • Size: 60 x 38 x 30 mm
        • SpO2 Range: 35% - 100% and Accuracy: ±2%
        • SpO2 Resolution: ±1%
        • Pulse Rate Range: 25-250bpm
        • Accuracy: ±2bpm
        • Pulse Rate Resolution: ±1bpm
        • Perfusion Index: 0.1% - 10%
        • Battery Life: 40 Hours
        • OLED Screen and Six Multi-Directional Display
        • Powered by: 2 x AAA batteries

        Package details:

        • Package Weight: 0.1 kg 
        • Package Size: 7 x 4 x 3 cm 

          Package includes:

          • 1 x Finger Pulse Oximeter
          • 1 x Neck Cord
          • 1 x User Manuel

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