Cordless Precision Trimmer
Cordless Precision Trimmer
Cordless Precision Trimmer
Cordless Precision Trimmer
Cordless Precision Trimmer
Cordless Precision Trimmer

Cordless Precision Trimmer

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This precision trimmer is every man's secret to look dashing as ever!

A multi-purpose tool that provides a smooth, uniform trim in a swift! Equipped with angled micro-precision blades and a thin head that can go beyond where other tools can’t. You can use it for a moustache, beard, nose, neck, ears, eyebrows and sideburns! Providing you the best manscape to achieve your finest look. 

It has a powerful motor that offers an appropriate amount of pressure and gives your skin the perfect comfort. Allowing even those with sensitive skin types a gentle, pain-free facial hair removal. A quick and high efficiency tool that won’t leave any nicks, cuts or irritations! This cordless trimmer can be easily carried for the perfect groom anytime, anywhere and can stay sharp for a long time!   

Enjoy a smooth, painless shave using this precision trimmer!


  • Precision Trimmer
    A multi-purpose trimmer with a perfectly angled thin sharp blade that creates clean, defined lines in a swift! It can even tame bushy brows and easily shave narrow, complicated areas that other tools can’t! Perfect for moustache, beard, nose, neck, ears, eyebrows and sideburns! A truly exceptional tool that is dedicated to give you the best fine tuning and manscape.   
  • Extremely Comfortable
    This trimmer has an excellent skin comfort, perfect even for those with sensitive skin type. It provides a gentle, pain-free facial hair removal, protecting your skin from any nicks, cuts and irritations. Giving you an appropriate amount of pressure and leaving only a perfect groom!
  • Portable and Cordless
    This battery-operated trimmer is lightweight and can be fit easily in your pocket or belt bag. A handy tool that doesn't need to be plugged in so you can groom yourself anytime, anywhere. Great when you're at home or when you're out on a trip!   
  • Built-In LED Light
    Featuring a soft LED light that helps you to perfectly trim excess hair even in dim areas!
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality stainless steel with micro-precision side-mounted blades and thin head. Providing you a pain-free, clean facial removal that can go beyond crucial areas where other tools can’t. A high-performance precision blade that can stay sharp for a long time!  


  • Size: 15cm x 2cm
  • Product Weight: 115g


  • 1 x Cordless Precision Trimmer

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