Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit
Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit
Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit
Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit
Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit
Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit

Climbing Plant Wall Clip Kit

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🌱 Organize your array of fresh greeneries into a breathtaking wall display using these multi-purpose plant climbing wall clips!🌱
The plant wall clips help to keep your leafy greens neat and upright all the time without harming it! Providing them a proper growth support while allowing you to decorate your plants according to the direction you desired. Simply wipe your wall clean, adhere the clips, open it and gently put the vine inside and you're done! These clips are designed in a realistic leaf-shape so it blends perfectly with your real plants without it looking out of place. 
The plant climbing clips come with powerful adhesives that provide a stable gripping. Suitable for most walls including marble walls, wood walls, glass, metal and such! Furthermore, the fixture clips can be also used as cable organizers to keep them from getting tangled. It is made of durable, non-toxic ABS material that can withstand heavy rain and sun. Making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  
No more tangled mess vines with these multi-purpose plant climbing wall clips!


  • Plant Vine Wall Clips🌱
    These fixture clips allow you to attach and direct your climbing plants to any smooth walls according to your preference. It also helps keep your greeneries upright and organized to avoid their stems from winding up with each other. Providing you a unique living wall decor that can brighten your neutral space while giving a proper growth support for your plants.

  • Easy Installation🌱
    The plant climbing fixture can be easily adhered without the need to drill through your walls. Simply apply the included adhesive to the back of the clip, stick it to your wall, gently open the clip, put the vine inside, clasp it and done! The clips are designed realistically and are discreet enough to blend perfectly with your real leafy greenery. It is not highly noticeable through the eyes and looks out of place to ruin your lovely plant wall!

  • Powerful Adhesive🌱
    The clips come with a high-viscosity adhesive that performs a powerful gripping to most smooth walls. It does not slip or fall off completely, securing the clips and the plants stably for all the years to come. No worries as it can be smoothly removed to your walls without leaving a single trace of sticky residue or damage. Suitable for marble walls, wood walls, glass, metal and such!   

  • Multifunctional Clip🌱
    It can be used to support or fix a wide variety of small to medium plants! Suitable for vines, creeper plants, ivy, peperomias, betel leaf plants, climbing jasmine, and more possibilities. The plant clip can also work as a cable organizer to keep them from tangling. Try it on your electrical wires or even to your earphones and chargers!

  • Premium Material🌱
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS material designed in a leaf-shape clip. It boasts extreme durability and adhesiveness, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The clips work well without harming your plants or its growth unlike any other support clips that girdles the stems. 
  • Material: ABS
  • Size:

  • 10/50pcs x Wall Clips
  • 12/60pcs x Adhesive Stickers

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