Car Side Window Shade
Car Side Window Shade
Car Side Window Shade
Car Side Window Shade
Car Side Window Shade
Car Side Window Shade

Car Side Window Shade

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Add a shade to your car and have complete protection using this car side window shade! 

Designed with a high-quality, elastic mesh fabric that fits all car models and fully covers up the vehicle's window. Providing UV rays and sun glares protection which also creates a cooler interior temperature. Preventing the passenger inside from heat exhaustion and dehydration. This window shade also prevents any mosquito attacks! It acts as an insect net and keeps them from entering the car. Ideal for those who travel with their kids and pets!    

It doesn’t cause any window obstruction, so you can fully open and close it smoothly without the mesh slipping or your windows breaking! What’s more? The shade is completely breathable and lets fresh air flow in. Allowing you to enjoy the breeze outside with no sunlight, dust or insects to harm you! Perfect for your every road trip!

There’s nothing shady here! Only Car Side Window Shade! 


  • Car Window Shade Protection
    Made of high-quality mesh fabric which covers up your side windows and effectively reflects intense sunlight and harmful UV rays. It cools down the temperature of the car’s interior and also acts as a mosquito net. Preventing them from getting inside the vehicle when your windows open. The perfect window shade to protect you from heat, dehydration and insect bites! Ideal for those who travel with their kids and pets.
  • Easy Installation
    A highly elastic mesh with a strong adhesive velcro that can fit and fully cover the exterior edge of the door frame. No sun leaks, bugs or dust can peak through this shade unlike any other car protection! Simply open your car’s door, place it over the entire window, fix the velcro to tighten and it’s done!
    No worries as you can still clearly see from the car’s inside even with the mesh on!
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric
    Constructed with a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that only lets fresh air in when you roll the windows down. Providing you a comfortable car ride without sacrificing sun and mosquitos protection. Perfect when you travel to the beach, mountains, province and more. 
  • Easy to Operate Windows
    The car windows can function as normal even with the sunshade on. It doesn’t cause any obstruction and will just stay in place to cover the window. Allowing you to freely open or close it to control the airflow inside without damaging both your mesh and car windows. You can now enjoy the cool breeze outside with no direct sunlight or dust to hurt your eyes and skin!  
  • Wide Compatibility
    Designed to fit most 4-wheeled vehicles windows whether it is small or big, curved or rectangular. 


  • Material: Mesh Fabric
  • Size:100cm X 54cm (Elastic)


  • 1 x Car Side Window Shade
  • 2 x Car Side Window Shade
  • 4 x Car Side Window Shade

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